what is SPURDO ?

Spurdo Spärde is a Finnish internet meme that started on the imageboard Kuvalauta (finnish 4chan) in 2009.

It's a poorly drawn version of Pedobear, created to mock low-quality content from new users.

The character uses misspelled, all-caps captions to imitate inexperienced internet users.

Over time, it spread to other forums, gained international recognition and became one of the most used internet memes​.

And now, you can buy it on the blockchain !


TOTAL SUPPLY : 69 000 000 069



LP LOCKED FOR 900 YEARS (think of your grand-children)


autism certified


  1. Create your wallet

2. get some ethereum

Download and set up your preferred wallet (we recommend Metamask.io).

You can get the browser extension or the mobile app for free.

Be sure to store your recovery phrase securely.

If your wallet doesn’t have ETH, you can buy it directly through Metamask, transfer it from another wallet, or purchase it on a centralized exchange (binance, coinbase...) and then withdraw it to your wallet.

3. connect to uniswap

4. swap from eth

Visit app.uniswap.org and connect your wallet.

Then, paste the $spurdo address into the field to specify which coin you want to exchange your ETH for.

Select the amount you want to trade, click “Swap,” and confirm the transaction.

When prompted by your wallet, approve the action.

Congratulations, you are now a proud holder of $SPURDO.